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Fun Facts about the Top 50:

  • Voters: Only C. M. Burnham and Mike Iles have voted in every year of the Top 50. Other voters have included Mark Wilson, Stevie Caballero, Tim Rockwell, Cade Sydal, Mitch Baxter, and Sara Bennett.
  • A total of 172 wrestlers have appeared in at least 1 of Top 50s.
  • Only four wrestlers have appeared on every Top 50 list since it began in 2005: Aaron Neil/The Bronze Bull, The Canadian Red Devil, Timmy J/Timothy J. Rockwell/Tim Rockwell, and Sudden Impact/Sudden Impact 1/Saint of Twilight 1/Ignition.
  • Voted #1: In the 9 years we have done the Top 50, 6 different wrestlers have held the #1 spot. There has only one wrestler to be voted #1 three times and he has done it in the last 3 consecutive years, Double D (2011, 2012, & 2013). Dane Griffin is the only other wrestler to be voted #1 more than once (2008 and 2009).
  • Unanimous #1: John O'Malley holds the distinction of being voted #1 in the very first Top 50 in 2005 and is the only unanimous #1 in the history of voting.
  • Rocco Valentino is the only wrestler to be ranked #1 in the first and only time he was ranked in any Top 50.
  • Four females have ranked in the Top 50. The highest ranked ever is Lily McKenzie at #37 in 2006. Erica is the only female to be ranked in two different years, #41 in 2010 and #49 in 2012.
  • The longest gap between rankings belongs to Terry Montana who was ranked #28 in 2006 and reappeared 7 years later in 2013 at #44.

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