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Title Histories

ComPro Heavyweight Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Rocco Valentino Aug 23 2006 1
AWOL Mar 17 2007 2
Anthony Jackson Sep 15 2007  
Romero Contreras Apr 12 2008 3
Jesus Rodriguez Jul 05 2008 4
Pork Chop Oct 11 2008 5
Draven Cross Dec 06 2008 6
Shane Morbid Dec 12 2009  
Richie Adams Mar 13 2010  
Shane Morbid Aug 14 2010 7
Dutch Hagen Dec 18 2010  
Tim Rockwell Apr 09 2011  
Brandon Walker Jan 07 2012  
Tim Rockwell Jun 01 2012 8
Brandon Walker Sep 07 2012 9
Brian Lakewood Oct 01 2012  
Michael York Nov 17 2012 10
The Canadian Red Devil Nov 17 2012 11
Michael York Nov 17 2012  
The Canadian Red Devil Jun 07 2013 12
Dutch Hagen Dec 07 2013  
The Canadian Red Devil Mar 01 2014 13
Jake O'Brien Jun 07 2014  
Michael Wolf Jun 13 2015  
Jake O'Brien Jun 13 2015 14
Richie Adams Sep 12 2015  
Patient Zero Dec 12 2015 15
Richie Adams Feb 13 2016  
The Canadian Red Devil Aug 26 2016 16
Nathan Estrada Dec 31 2016 17
Brian Breaker Jan 07 2017 18
Ryan Davidson Feb 25 2017  
Brian Breaker Mar 04 2017  
Aaron Anders Jul 22 2017 19
Michael Wolf Sep 09 2017  
  1. Valentino was named inaugural champion by the Compound Pro Board of Directors prior to the company's first show.
  2. AWOL def. Valentino for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included The Canadian Red Devil
  3. Contreras def. Jackson in a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match where Tables, Kendo Sticks, Chains, Ladders & Chairs were legal.
  4. Originally, this was announced by ComPro Commissioner Ray Martinez as a standard title match, but when Romero pinned Jesus, Ray changed it to a Submission match. Romero forced Jesus to submit, so Ray changed it to an Over-the-top-rope match. Romero threw Jesus over the top rope, so Ray restarted the match and again announced it as a standard title match. Romero got DQ'd for bringing in the ring bell hammer and Ray announced that the title could change hands on a DQ and gave the belt to Jesus.
  5. Pork Chop def. Jesus Rodriguez in a No DQ Match.
  6. On March 14 2009, it appeared that Brandon Groom had won the title when the referee (who had been knocked unconscious by Stevie Caballero earlier in the match) signalled for the bell as Brandon had Draven in a submission hold. Brandon left with the belt, but the following week, owner Mike Two declared that the referee was actually signalling for a DQ and returned the belt to Draven.
  7. Morbid def. Adams for the title in a Title vs. Career Match
  8. Rockwell def. Walker for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also featured the Canadian Red Devil
  9. Walker def. Rockwell for the title in a Title vs. Career Match
  10. On November 11, ComPro Commissioner Mike Iles declared that, after reviewing the footage of the Championship match between Lakewood & Walker, there was sufficient controversy to validate the title being held up. York def. Brandon Walker, Dutch Hagen, The Canadian Red Devil, Brian Lakewood and Shane Morbid in a 6-Pack Elimination Match to win the vacant title, defeating CRD by Countout in the decisive fall.
  11. CRD def. York for the title in a No DQ Match.
  12. Devil def. York for the title in a Title-vs-Mask Match
  13. Devil def. Hagen for the title in a Tables Match
  14. Richard Pierce redeemed the Any Time/Any Title contract that Richie Adams had won earlier, but used it to get O'Brien a title rematch.
  15. Zero def. Adams for the title in the 2nd fall of a 2-fall Triple Threat Match that also involved Wade Argento
  16. Devil def. Adams for the title in a match where there was No DQ, No Countout and there had to be a winner declared. On October 23 2016, it appeared that Cold Blooded Chris def. CRD for the title, but Richard Pierce's legal team forced that decision to be reversed due to the event not being officially sanctioned.
  17. As a result of Estrada winning, CRD was not resigned to a ComPro contract.
  18. Breaker def. Estrada for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Mascara Purpura
  19. Anders def. Breaker for the title by pinning Ryan Davidson in the second fall of a 2-fall Triple Threat Match in which the 1st fall was for the ComPro Oklahoma X Division Title and the 2nd fall was for the ComPro Heavyweight Title.

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