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Title Histories

MSWA Oklahoma Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Michael Faith May 13 2006 1
Outlaw Jan 06 2007 2
Tyler Bateman Feb 17 2007  
Aaron Neil Apr 29 2007 3
Outlaw Sep 30 2007 4
The Midnite Rider May 11 2008 5
Bad Boy Jun 01 2008 6
Ky-ote Joe Jun 28 2009 7
Jermaine Johnson Sep 20 2009  
Kevin Morgan Mar 07 2010  
Xavior Sep 12 2010 8
Max McGuirk Jan 23 2011  
Eric Rose Jul 17 2011  
Les Mayne May 13 2012 9
Cody Jones Jul 22 2012  
Bobby Starr Oct 28 2012 10
Brandon Groom Mar 03 2013  
Bobby Starr Apr 07 2013  
The Canadian Red Devil May 12 2013  
Bobby Starr Aug 11 2013 11
Kevin Morgan Aug 25 2013  
Double D Feb 09 2014  
Spike Jul 27 2014 12
Mascara La Parka Jul 03 2015 13
Buster Cherry Jul 17 2015  
Vinny Pacheco Oct 23 2015 14
Shawn Sanders Jan 02 2016 15
Vinny Pacheco Feb 12 2016 16
Terry Pantera Mar 11 2016  
Brock Landers Jun 03 2016  
Psycho Mike Sep 23 2016 17
Father Padge Dec 16 2016 18
Dean Lambert Jul 28 2017 19
Drake Gallows Oct 15 2017  
  1. This title was originally named the Tornado Pro Wrestling Oklahoma Title. TPW ran its last show on May 13, 2006, and when the company shut down, Michael Faith continued to defend the title, primarily in the MSWA territory. Therefore, it became a de facto MSWA Title.
  2. Michael Faith was stripped of the championship for unknown reasons on January 6, 2007. Outlaw defeated Aaron Neil for the vacant title.
  3. Neil defeated Bateman for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Outlaw.
  4. Aaron Neil vacated the title when he retired from wrestling after August 11. Outlaw def. Kevin Morgan, Montego Seeka & Joe Herell in a 4-Way Elimination Match to win the title.
  5. Rider def. Outlaw in a Triple Threat/No DQ Match that also involved Bad Boy
  6. The Midnite Rider was stripped of the title on June 1 because there was no way to determine that the same person was competing under his mask every time. Bad Boy def. Aaron Neil and Outlaw in a Triple Threat Match for the held-up title. ,
  7. Bad Boy was stripped of the title on June 14, 2009 after failing to show up and defend the title for 2 months. Ky-Ote Joe won the vacant title by winning a Gauntlet Battle Royal.
  8. Xavior def. Morgan for the title in a No DQ Match
  9. The Oklahoma title was declared vacant on April 12, 2012. Les Mayne def. Cody Jones for the vacant title.
  10. Starr def. Jones for the title in a 4-Way Elimination Match that also involved The Canadian Red Devil and Copycat
  11. Starr def. Devil for the title in a Ladder Match.
  12. D vacated the title May 4, 2014 when he left MSWA. Spike def. Buster Cherry and Kenneth K. Kenneth in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant title.
  13. Spike was forced to vacate the title on July 3, 2015 due to injury. Mascara La Parka won a Battle Royal for the vacant title
  14. Pacheco def. Cherry for the title in a Trick Or Street Fight.
  15. Sanders def. Pacheco for the title in a No DQ Match
  16. Pacheco def. Sanders for the title in a First Blood Match
  17. Mike def. Landers for the title in a 5-Way Elimination Tables match that also included Dean Lambert, Gemini [2nd] and Drake Gallows
  18. Padge def. Mike for the title in a No DQ Match
  19. Lambert def. Padge for the title in a No DQ match

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