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Title Histories

MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Ryan Davidson Oct 22 2005 1
Cody Jones Jan 07 2006  
Seth Allen Mar 19 2006  
Tyler Bateman Apr 23 2006  
Cody Jones Oct 08 2006  
Matt Garza Jun 24 2007 2
Brock Landers Jul 31 2015 3
Korvin Sage Dec 18 2015 4
Mascara La Parka Mar 25 2016 5
Brock Landers Apr 22 2016  
Mascara La Parka Apr 22 2016  
C. J. Ward Jun 03 2016 6
Brock Landers Jul 15 2016 7
One Man Sam Sep 09 2016  
Xavior Sep 23 2016 8
Korvin Sage Feb 24 2017 9
Gemini [2nd] Jul 28 2017 10
  1. Davidson defeated Cody Jones & Li'l Joe in a Triple Threat Match to become the inaugural Champion.
  2. Cody Jones was stripped of the title after he left MSWA. Garza def. Red the Magnificent for the vacant title.
  3. Garza was stripped of the title in 2007 when Mitch W. Carter had him deported back to Mexico. Landers def. El Fuego, Seth Angel and Vinnie Pacheco in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the vacant title
  4. Sage def. Landers for the title in a Four Corners Match that also Mascara La Parka and Vinny Pacheco
  5. Parka def. Sage for the title in a Fatal 5-Way Match that also included Brock Landers, El Fuego Del Sol and Austin Keith
  6. Mascara La Parka was stripped of the title when he was unable to defend it at the June 3rd event. Ward def. Terry Pantera, Prince Mahali, Gemini, Korvin Sage and MSWA Oklahoma Champion Brock Landers in a 6-Pack Elimination Match for the vacant title.
  7. Landers def. Ward for the title in a Lumberjack Gauntlet Match that also included Prince Mahali, Mascara La Parka, Korvin Sage and Gemini
  8. After Sam won the title, Landers protested to MSWA Commissioner Adam Patrick, who agreed that Sam did not meet the weight requirement and forced him to vacate the title. Xavior (disguised as Mascara La Parka) def. Sam Stackhouse, C. J. Ward, Prince Mahalli, Korvin Sage and MSWA Oklahoma Champion Brock Landers in a 6-Way Ladder Match for the vacant title.
  9. Sage def. Xavior in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Prince Mahalli, winning the Best-of-7 Series. In this particular match, the winner was the first wrestler to score 2 falls.
  10. Gemini won a gautlet match for the title that included champion Korvin Sage, Brock Landers, Tristan Thorne, Kid Knight, Colby Black and Xavior.

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