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Title Histories

MSWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Studd Lee ??? ?? ???? 1
Dark Angel Jan 23 2000 2
Slash ??? ?? ???? 3
Striker ??? ?? ????  
Michael Faith ??? ?? ????  
Outlaw ??? ?? ????  
Slash ??? ?? ????  
Angel Williams Apr 02 2005 4
Tommy D May 28 2005 5
Angel Williams May 28 2005 6
Outlaw Sep 03 2005 7
Michael Faith Oct 22 2005  
Angel Williams Feb 19 2006 8
Ryan Davidson Jun 18 2006  
Brad Michaels Apr 29 2007 9
Al Farat Sep 08 2007 10
Striker Sep 28 2008 11
Aaron Neil Mar 15 2009  
Johnny Z Feb 07 2010  
Double D Apr 17 2011 12
3rd Rail Jul 31 2011 13
Rage Logan Apr 29 2012 14
Double D Aug 05 2012 15
Johnny Z Oct 28 2012 16
Damon Windsor Feb 09 2014 17
Rick Russo Jul 13 2014 18
Les Mayne Nov 02 2014 19
Drake Gallows Aug 28 2015 20
Mr. Barnes Jul 01 2016 21
Buster Cherry Dec 16 2016 22
Prince Mahalli Feb 24 2017 23
C. J. Ward Jul 28 2017 24
Xavior Sep 23 2017  
Grizzly Gates Dec 29 2017 25
Xavior Jan 21 2018  
  1. Lee is the earliest documented champion, although how or when he came into possession of the belt is unknown.
  2. The title history becomes unclear here. It's unknown how or when Angel loses the title.
  3. There may be several undocumented champions between Dark Angel and Slash.
  4. The Title had been declared vacant in January of 2005. Williams defeated 3rd Rail and Halo in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant title.
  5. Tommy D & The Forsaken defeated The Oklahoma Bad Boys & Angel Williams in a 6-man Tag Team Match. As result of a pre-match stipulation, Tommy won the belt after Williams turned on his team.
  6. Tommy D gave Williams back the belt after winning it.
  7. Outlaw defeated Williams in a No Holds Barred Match
  8. Michael Faith was stripped on February 12, 2006 for not having defended the title within 30 days. Williams won a Battle Royal for the vacant title.
  9. Michaels defeated Davidson for the title in a No DQ Match. On August 11, Nathan Sensation def. Brad Michaels at an IZW show in a match announced as being for the MSWA Mid-South title. The following week, on August 18, John O'Malley def. Sensation for the title. However, John Zorthos came out afterwards and announced that neither match had been sanctioned by MSWA and therefore the title changes were invalid and Brad Michaels was still the champion.
  10. Brad Michaels was stripped of the title on September 8, 2007 for failing to appear and defend. Farat won a 15-man Battle Royal to win the vacant title.
  11. Striker def. Farat in a Blindfold Match for the title
  12. The title was vacated on March 6, 2011 when Impact, Inc. lost a Loser Leaves Town Match to Awesome X & Double D. Double D def. Kevin Morgan, 3rd Rail and Xavior in a 4-Way Elimination Match for the vacant title.
  13. It was announced on June 11 that Shawn McKeaigg had fired Double D and the title was vacated. 3rd Rail def. Tim Rockwell in a tournament final for the vacant title.
  14. All MSWA Titles were declared vacant on April 15, 2012. Logan def. Kyle Kelly for the vacant title.
  15. Rage Logan was incapacitated by Impact, Inc. on July 8. Johnny Z claimed the title belt and MSWA Commissioner Erica attempted to proclaim him MSWA Champion on August 19th, but was interrupted before that could be concluded. MSWA Owner Bad Boy demanded that Johnny face Double D on August 5th to determine a true champion.
  16. Johnny Z def. Double D for the title in a No DQ/Title-vs-Career Match.
  17. Windsor def. Z in a Casket Match for the title
  18. Windsor vacated the title when he left MSWA on May 4. Russo def. Les Mayne and Larry Canyunga in a Triple Threat Match by forfeit for the vacant title
  19. Mayne def. Russo for the title in a Dog Collar Chain Match.
  20. On April 3, 2015, Mayne was stripped of the title after his retirement was announced. Gallows def. Rick Russo in a No DQ/Lumberjack Match to win a Tournament for the vacant title
  21. Barnes def. Gallows for the title in a No DQ Match
  22. Mr. Barnes was forced to relenquish the title due to medical issues on Dec 16, 2016. Cherry def. Scott Sanders for the vacant title in a Bullrope Match
  23. Mahalli def. Cherry for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also involved C. J. Ward
  24. Ward def. Mahalli for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Drake Gallows
  25. Gates def. Xavior for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included C. J. Ward

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