Jul 23rd 2017 05:37am

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Title Histories

BPPW Oklahoma Tag Team Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Legion (Rob Cabella & Samedi) Feb 11 2017 1
Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) Mar 24 2017 2
El Greengo Loco & Karnage May 05 2017  
Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) May 06 2017  
The Rising (Matt Durden & Riker) Jun 09 2017  
Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) Jun 30 2017 3
  1. Legion were awarded the titles by BPPW Commissioner C. M. Burnham
  2. Team Dean Machine def. Legion for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Dynamic Shields
  3. Team Dean Machine def. The Rising for the titles in a match where the DQ Rule was waived.

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