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Title Histories

MSWA Ladies Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Nikki Knight Jan 29 2016 1
Skylar Slice May 01 2016 2
Nikki Knight Sep 23 2016 3
Killista Dec 30 2016 4
  1. Knight def. Skylar Slice, Killista, Nurse Sanity and Violet Payne in a 5-Way Elimination Match to become the inaugural champion.
  2. Slice def. Knight for the title in a Parking Lot Brawl
  3. Knight def. Slice for the title in a Dog-Collar Chain Match
  4. Killista def. Knight for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Skylar Slice

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Most Active Members

  • Striker
  • Michael York
  • The Mayne Event
  • cphs_sweethearts
  • Talon

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Current Champions

Mid South Wrestling Alliance

Father Padge

Oklahoma Champion
Father Padge

  • Mid-South Heavyweight Champion: Buster Cherry
  • Mid-South Tag Team Champion: The Saints of Pro Wrestling
  • Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion: Xavior
  • Ladies Champion: Killista

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