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Title Histories

IWR Tag Team Championship

Won By Date Footnote
The Terror Squad (D Money & Montego Seeka & Marce Lewis, Nytronis A'Teo & MVP) Nov 07 2015 1
Ky-Ote & Montego Seeka Dec 11 2016 2
Arrow Club (Ky-Ote & Kyle Hawk) Mar 18 2017 3
Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich) May 21 2017  
  1. The Terror Squad def. Guy Atticus in a Handicap Match to become the inaugural champions. All 5 members of the group were recognised as champions. Seeka disbanded the Terror Squad on September 24, 2016 and vacated the titles at that time.
  2. Ky-Ote & Montego Seeka def. The Misled and The Regulators in a Triple Threat Revolution X Match for the vacant title
  3. Arrow Club def. The Terror Squad (Montego Seeka & Marce Lewis), giving Kyle control of Montego's half of the tag titles.

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  • Striker
  • Michael York
  • The Mayne Event
  • cphs_sweethearts
  • Talon

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Compound Pro Wrestling

Joey Ryan

Oklahoma X Division Champion
Joey Ryan

  • Heavyweight Champion: Michael Wolf
  • Tag Team Champions: Spirit Squad