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Title Histories

WFC Hometown Heroes Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Robert Lee Sep 08 2013 1
Striker May 18 2014  
Robert Lee Sep 07 2014  
Jon Cross Oct 19 2014  
Mr. Nasty Dec 07 2014  
Jon Cross Jan 11 2015 2
Drake Gallows Jan 16 2016 3
Sam Stackhouse Aug 26 2016  
Paul Puertorico Oct 08 2016 4
Aaron Anders Feb 04 2017  
Paul Puertorico Mar 04 2017  
Prince Mahalli Jun 17 2017  
Riker Oct 14 2017  
  1. Lee def. Dexter Hardaway to become the inaugural champion.
  2. Cross def. Mr. Nasty for the title in a 6-Pack Scramble Match that also involved Jake O'Brien, Bobby Starr , Striker, and Fuel.
  3. Cross was stripped of the title on November 14, 2015 for failure to defend the title within 90 days. His last title defense was on July 18, 2015. Gallows def. Lance Osburn, Riker, Brandon Walker, Bill Black, and Paul Puerorico to win the vacant WFC HomeTown Heroes Title. Sam Stackhouse appeared to have defeated Gallows for the title on April 2, 2016 but Gallows produced photographic and video proof on June 4th that his hand was outside the ring ropes when he was pinned. WFC director of operations Dexter Hardaway reversed the title win and gave the title back to Gallows and Stackhouse's title reign was deemed null and void.
  4. Sam Stackhouse was stripped of the title for failing to be able to attend WFC events two months in a row. Puertorico def. Skyler Fayden & Trey Cole in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant title

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