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Title Histories

NAW Tag Team Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Pretty In Pink (Michael Duplanti & Mike Rose) Mar 23 2013 1
The Trenchcoat Mafia (Billy Ray & Ryan Reed) May 11 2013 2
Justin Adams & Running Wolf Oct 12 2013 3
The Perfect Pistols (Mr. Big & Michael Duplanti) Jan 11 2014  
J. R. Orullian & Running Wolf Sep 13 2014 4
The Trenchcoat Mafia (Ryan Reed & Billy Ray) Sep 13 2014  
The Trenchcoat Mafia (Ryan Reed & Running Wolf) Sep 13 2014 5
Hurricane Ross & J. R. Orullian Apr 11 2015  
The Trenchcoat Mafia (Billy Ray & Ryan Reed) May 09 2015  
Real Men In Black (Rolling Thunder & Running Wolf) Apr 09 2016  
The Midnight Riders (The Midnight Rider & The Unknown) Aug 13 2016  
Thunder, Inc. (Rolling Thunder & Tim Bean) Oct 01 2016 6
Tim Bean & Ryan Reed Mar 11 2017 7
  1. Pretty In Pink def. Running Wolf & Crash Davis in a tournament final to become the inaugural champions
  2. TCM def. Pretty In Pink for the titles in a Triple Threat Match that also included The Orullian Brothers.
  3. Adams & Wolf def. The TCM in a 6-man tag where all the NAW Titles were on the line
  4. On August 9, 2014, Tim Bean & Hurricane Ross def. The Perfect Pistols, but because Ross was substituting for Mike Rose, the titles were not allowed to change hands and were held up. Orullian & Wolf def. Ross & Bean for the vacant titles.
  5. Since Billy Ray was already NAW Champion, he gave his half of the championship to Running Wolf, as a reward for Wolf betraying Orullian and joining the TCM.
  6. Stephen Nitro disguised himself as The Unknown during the course of the title defense and unmasked himself after the match was over.
  7. Rolling Thunder was not medically cleared to compete sometime after the February NAW event. NAW management allowed Bean to pick a replacement partner and he chose Reed.

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