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Title Histories

UWE United States Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Rolling Thunder Jan 15 2011 1
Ryan Reed Apr 30 2011 2
Ray Martinez Apr 30 2011  
Brandon Walker Aug 27 2011 3
Christopher Fury Feb 11 2012  
The Mercenary Jul 21 2012 4
Christopher Fury Aug 04 2012 5
The Mercenary Aug 04 2012 6
Justin Dynamic Jan 05 2013  
Daemon Storm Apr 20 2013 7
Tim Rockwell May 04 2013  
American Made May 10 2014 8
Robert Lee/Mr. Nasty Jul 12 2014 9
Clint Cassidy May 16 2015  
Brian Breaker Sep 19 2015  
Dimitri Alexandrov Aug 20 2016 10
Skyler Fayden Dec 10 2016  
Wesley Crane Jul 22 2017  
  1. Rolling Thunder won a Battle Royal to become the 1st Champion.
  2. Reed def. Rolling Thunder for the title in a No DQ Match.
  3. Walker def. Martinez for the title in a No DQ/Title-Vs-UWE Career Match
  4. Christopher Fury was stripped of the title. The Mercenary defeated Rolling Thunder for the vacant title.
  5. Fury had the title returned to him by UWE President Dale Robinson when he produced a copy of his contract, stating that he could not be stripped of the title if he was not medically cleared to compete.
  6. Mercenary def. Fury for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included Jon Cross
  7. Storm def. Dynamic for the title in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match
  8. Made def. Rockwell for the title in a Fatal 4-Way Match that also included Robert Lee and Fuel
  9. As of November 18, 2014, Robert Lee simply became known as Mr. Nasty.
  10. Brian Breaker gave the title to Alexandrov

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