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Title Histories

UWE Tag Team Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Bad Bromance (Justin Lee & Max McGuirk) Oct 09 2010 1
Brandon Walker & Brett Taylor Apr 09 2011 2
The Commission (Brett Taylor & Ray Martinez) Apr 09 2011 3
Dynamic Storm (Justin Dynamic & Daemon Storm) Aug 04 2012 4
The Static Knights (Keith Knight & X-Statik) Oct 20 2012 5
Nasty Swag (Robert Lee & Ace Archuleta) Mar 09 2013 6
Nasty Swag (Robert Lee & Ace Archuleta) Sep 21 2013 7
The K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) Oct 19 2013 8
Omega X (Brett Stopp & X-Static) Jun 14 2014  
A. C. Slaughter (Aaron Anders & Clint Cassidy) Jul 12 2014  
The Brotherhood (Kyng Benjamin & Akuma Jones) Sep 20 2014 9
The Rising (Riker & Abel & Dimitri Alexandrov) Jul 11 2015 10
Loaded Guns (Jon Cross & Brandon Walker) Sep 19 2015  
The Initiative (Clint Cassidy & Abel) Jul 30 2016 11
Big Smooth & Zakk Sinizter Dec 10 2016  
Dynamic Shields (Justin Dynamic & Shawn Shields) Jun 24 2017  
Big Smooth & Zakk Sinizter Sep 16 2017 12
  1. Bad Bromance def. Alejandro & The Mercenary to become the inaugural champions.
  2. McGuirk was unable to attend the show due to a family emergency. Walker & Taylor def. Lee in a Handicap Match for the titles.
  3. Princess Brittani stripped Walker of his 1/2 of the tag team titles and gave it to Martinez.
  4. It was announced on August 27, 2011 that Taylor & Martinez had been stripped of the titles due to not defending within the 30-Day time limit. Dynamic Storm def. Keith Knight & X-Stat!k in a Tournament Final for the vacant titles.
  5. The Static Knights def. Dynamic Storm for the titles in a 3 Stages Of Chaos Match
  6. Nasty Swag def. The Static Knights in a match with a stipulation that if Swag lost, their would have been fired from UWE.
  7. On August 10, 2013, Nasty Swag was stripped of the titles by UWE President Dale Robinson due to Ace Archuleta being accused of conduct unbecoming a champion and being suspended from UWE. Nasty Swag def. The K. C. Wolves for the vacant titles. Lee originally was scheduled to have a mystery partner, but the match began as a Handicap Match with no partner for Lee. After attempted run-ins by Thunder #2 and Thunder #3, Thunder #4 came in and began partnering with Lee. After winning the match, Thunder #4 unmasked and revealed himself as Ace Archuleta.
  8. The K. C. Wolves def. Nasty Swag for the titles in a Table, Ladders & Chairs Match
  9. Benjamin & Jones def. A. C. Slaughter for the titles in a Triple Threat Match that also included Omega X. They officially adopted the name of The Brotherhood on November 15, 2014.
  10. The Rising def. The Brotherhood for the titles in a Fatal 4-Way match that also included The Bash Brothers (Trey Cole & Ethan Cole) & The Loaded Guns (Jon Cross & Brandon Walker)
  11. Cassidy & Abel def. Cross for the titles in a Handicap Match. On December 10, 2016 The Initiative announced that Brian Breaker, Dimitri Alexandrov, Riker, Brett Irons, & Brandon Walker were also recognized as champions and any combination of the group could defend the titles at any time.
  12. On August 19, 2017, it was announced that the tag team titles had been stripped from Dynamic Shields, due to Justin Dynamic no-showing two consecutive events. Smooth & Sinizter def. Legion, Space Age, Shawn Shields & Christopher Dean, Trent Jett & Clint Cassidy and Sam Stackhouse & Steven Cruze in a Tag Team Turmoil Match for the vacant titles.

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