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Title Histories

ComPro Oklahoma X Division Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Justin Lee Aug 04 2007 1
Shane Morbid Sep 15 2007  
Justin Lee Oct 27 2007 2
Bernard Funk Nov 17 2007 3
Shane Morbid Jan 05 2008  
Cold Blooded Chris Mar 01 2008  
Tim Rockwell Apr 12 2008  
El Super Colibri May 17 2008  
Tim Rockwell Jun 21 2008  
Justin Lee Aug 09 2008  
The Greatest Bolo Nov 29 2008  
Jake McCoy Feb 07 2009  
Goldeneye Apr 11 2009 4
Sage Aug 22 2009 5
Goldeneye Nov 14 2009  
Boss Campbell Dec 12 2009 6
The Canadian Luchadore Dec 12 2009 7
Bobby Star Feb 13 2010  
The Canadian Luchadore Mar 13 2010 8
Se7en Aug 14 2010 9
Super Skunk Ape, Jr. May 19 2012 10
Ignition Jun 07 2013  
Michael Wolf Dec 07 2013  
Ignition Mar 01 2014 11
Terry Montana Jun 07 2014 12
Paul Puertorico Dec 06 2014 13
Matt Majestic Feb 21 2015  
Paul Puertorico Mar 21 2015  
Killista Jun 13 2015 14
Skylar Slice Dec 12 2015  
Killista Apr 15 2016  
Nathan Estrada Apr 15 2016  
Adrian Dell Jun 24 2016  
Nathan Estrada Jul 22 2016  
Gavin Dixon Aug 26 2016 15
Nathan Estrada Oct 29 2016 16
Samuel Savage Dec 23 2016  
Aaron Anders Apr 29 2017 17
Michael Wolf Jun 17 2017 18
Aaron Anders Jul 15 2017 19
Ryan Davidson Jul 22 2017 20
Kikutaro Sep 23 2017  
Duke Swellington Oct 28 2017 21
Joey Ryan Nov 18 2017  
Michael Wolf Dec 23 2017 22
Aaron Anders Jan 06 2018 23
Dimitri Alexandrov Feb 03 2018 24
  1. Lee def. El Super Colibri, Fury, The Canadian Luchadore, and J. P. Steele in a Gauntlet Match to become the inaugural champion.
  2. Lee def. Morbid for the title in a Broken Arrow Street Fight
  3. Lee was forced to relenquish the title on November 10, 2007 due to injuries suffered during the Broken Arrow Street Fight. Funk def. Blake Albright in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.
  4. According to a contractual stipulation, Goldeneye had to compete in this match while wearing a dress
  5. Sage def. Goldeneye in a Triple Threat Match that also included The Canadian Luchadore. Additionally, there was a stipulation that the title would only change hands if the champion was pinned.
  6. Goldeneye suffered a broken ankle prior to December 12, 2009 and was unable to defend the title at "Night of Champions". ComPro owner Mike Two stripped Goldeneye of the title and awarded it to Boss Campbell, then put him into the immediate title defense.
  7. Luchadore def. Boss Campbell in a Triple Threat Elimination Match that also involved Sage.
  8. Luchadore def. Star for the title in a No Holds Barred Match
  9. Se7en def. Luchadore for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included Sam Stackhouse
  10. Ape def. Se7en for the title in a Dog Collar/Mask vs. Career Match.
  11. Ignition def. Wolf for the title in a 4-Way Title On a Pole Match that also involved Terry Montana and Paul Puertorico
  12. Montana def. Ignition for the title in a 4-Man Ladder Match that also included Michael Wolf and Paul Puertorico
  13. Puertorico def. Montana for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included Matt Majestic
  14. Puertorico was forced to defend his title against the entire locker room in a Battle Royal by Comissioner C. M. Burnham. Killista won that battle royal to become champion.
  15. Dixon def. Estrada for the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included Wade Argento
  16. Estrada def. Dixon for the title in a match where the only rules were that the Piledriver was banned and La Familia (Wade Argento, Thomas Knight, & Skylar Slice) was barred from ringside.
  17. Savage vacated the title when he left ComPro on March 11, 2017. Anders def. Michael Wolf to win the vacant title in the final match of the Oklahoma X Division Title Tournament.
  18. Wolf def. Anders in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match. Wolf won the match in sudden death because he and Anders were tied at one fall each at the end of 30 minutes.
  19. Anders def. Wolf for the title in a Ladder Match
  20. Davidson def. Anders for the title by pinning Brian Breaker in the first fall of a 2-Fall Triple Threat Match in which the 1st fall was for the ComPro Oklahoma X Division Title and the 2nd fall was for the ComPro Heavyweight Title.
  21. Swellington def. Kikutaro for the title in a No Balls Barred Match
  22. ComPro Champion Wolf def. Ryan for the title in a Title-vs-Title Match
  23. Anders def. Wolf for the title in the first fall of a 2-Fall/4-Way Monsterís Ball Match that also featured ACH and Abyss.
  24. Anders vacated the title on January 17, 2018 to earn a Heavyweight Title Match on February 3, 2018. Alexandrov def. Kiefer Bartek and Nathan Estrada in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant title

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