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Title Histories

ComPro Tag Team Championship

Won By Date Footnote
Texas, Inc. (Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk) Dec 09 2006 1
Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact 2) Sep 15 2007  
La M (Jesus Rodriguez & El Choppo) Jan 26 2008  
New Canada (The Canadian Luchadore & The Canadian Red Devil) Apr 19 2008 2
The Mexican Combo Platter (Anthony Jackson & Romero Contreras) Jul 05 2008  
The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia (Rocco Valentino & Dutch Hagen) Aug 09 2008 3
New Canada (The Canadian Red Devil & The Canadian Luchadore) Sep 20 2008 4
The Gentlemen Thugs (Cast-Iron Cothern & Shane Morbid) Sep 20 2008  
Legion 13 (Dutch Hagen & Jesus Rodriguez) Nov 22 2008  
Team SuperBad (El Super Colibri & Justin Lee) Mar 14 2009 5
Crazy Beautiful (Brett Taylor & Michael York) May 09 2009 6
Team SuperBad (El Super Colibri & Justin Lee) Jul 25 2009  
Texas, Inc. (Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk) Oct 10 2009  
Dawn of Extreme (Ty Thunder & Crucifer) Oct 24 2009  
Michael York & Reckless Dec 12 2009  
Legion 13 (Dutch Hagen & Jesus Rodriguez) Feb 06 2010 7
Excellence Personified (Jack Legacy & Se7en) Feb 20 2010  
Legion 13 (Dutch Hagen & Jesus Rodriguez) Mar 13 2010  
The Jet Setters (Dustin Heritage & Jack Legacy) Aug 14 2010  
The Saints of Twilight (Ignition & Reckless) Dec 18 2010 8
Cold Blooded Chris & Max McGuirk Feb 25 2011  
The Saints of Twilight (Ignition & Reckless) Mar 26 2011  
Michael York & Ignition Nov 05 2011 9
The Dramatic Athletes (Jake McCoy & X-Cal) Jan 07 2012  
The New Era 2nd (Richie Adams & Goldeneye) May 12 2012  
The Legion of Bromance (Justin Lee & Max McGuirk) Jul 13 2012 10
The Swamp Men (Amphibian & Reptile) Nov 09 2012  
Terry Montana & Richie Adams Dec 15 2012  
The Brotherhood of Mayhem (Malice & Menace 2nd) Dec 07 2013 11
The New York Express (Jeff Knight & Thomas Knight) Dec 06 2014 12
Spanish Mayhem (Nathan Estrada & Menace 2nd) Jan 24 2015 13
Nemesis (Bobby Starr & Damien Morte) Apr 04 2015  
Seth Angel & Adrian Dell Jun 13 2015  
La Famiglia (Luke Grayson & Thomas Knight) Jul 25 2015  
Terry Montana & Mighty Mouse Oct 17 2015 14
Dynamic Shields (Justin Dynamic & Shawn Shields) Feb 13 2016 15
Terry Montana & Mighty Mouse May 13 2016  
Dynamic Shields (Justin Dynamic & Shawn Shields) Jun 24 2016 16
Dynamic Shields (Justin Dynamic & Shawn Shields) Jul 15 2016 17
MX2 (Zak Mason & Dan Maestro) Oct 29 2016 18
Pierce, Inc. (Canadian Red Devil & Nathan Estrada) Nov 26 2016  
MX2 (Zak Mason & Dan Maestro) Dec 03 2016  
Legion (Rob Cabella & Samedi) Dec 31 2016 19
Duke Swellington & Jan 14 2017 20
Excellence Personified (Duke Swellington & Dustin Heritage) Jan 28 2017 21
Pinnacle (Anthony Andrews & Shawn Hendrix) Jun 03 2017  
  1. Texas, Inc. def. Sudden Impact to become the inaugural champions
  2. Romero Contreras served as special referee and both teams managers were barred from ringside
  3. Valentino & Hagen def. Jackson & Contreras in a TLC/Career Match. Bull Schmitt served as special referee and Butch Dalton was special ringside enforcer. As a result of their loss, Contreras & Jackson were forced to retire from professional wrestling.
  4. The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia vacated the titles on September 13 when Rocco Valentino went back into retirement. New Canada def. The Saints of Twilight, The No Mercy Dojo and Dutch Hagen & X-Cal in a 4-Corners Elimination Tag Team Match for the vacant titles.
  5. Colibri & Lee def. Legion 13 in a Titles-vs-Mask & Hair Match
  6. Crazy Beautiful def. Team SuperBad in a Triple Threat Match that also involved The Saints of Twilight.
  7. Legion 13 def. York & Reckless in a Tornado Rules/Elimination/Submission Match where Rope Breaks were not allowed.
  8. Heritage's tag team partner Jack Legacy was not at the show as he allegedly in Celebrity Rehab for sexual addiction. The Saints of Twilight def. Dustin Heritage in a Triple Threat Match that also included The Hardcore Playas.
  9. Reckless abandoned his half of the Tag Team Titles due to addressing some personal issues. York was chosen as Reckless' replacement by ComPro owner Mike Two.
  10. The Legion of Bromance def. The New Era 2nd for the titles in a 4-Corners Elimination Tag Team Match that also featured The Swamp Men & The Clockwork Clique.
  11. Adams & Montana were forced to relenquish the titles on November 1, 2013 after Adams suffered a severe shoulder injury. BoM def. The Gentlemen Hipsters in a tournament final for the vacant titles.
  12. The Brotherhood of Mayhem were stripped of the titles after Malice suffered an injury at the October ComPro event. The New York Express def. The Swamp Men and Spanish Mayhem in a Triple Threat for the vacant titles.
  13. Jeff Knight was unable to attend the event. Spanish Mayhem def. Thomas Knight and The Swamp Men for the titles in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match.
  14. Luke Grayson was rendered unable to compete by Patient Zero and put into a body bag on October 17th. Montana & Mouse def. Knight and Wade Argento for the tag team titles in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match that also involved The Wrecking Crew and Spanish Wolf
  15. Dynamic Shields defeated Montana & Mouse in a 3-Way Elimination Match that also included Seth Angel & Adrian Dell
  16. Dynamic Shields disguised themselves as The Swamp Men, then unmasked after winning the titles.
  17. On July 8, ComPro Co-Commissioner Mike Iles held up the titles due to the controversial manner that Dynamic Shields won them in. Dynamic Shields def. Mighty Mouse & Terry Montana for the vacant titles
  18. Mason & Maestro didn't start using the MX2 name until November 5, 2016, one week after they won the titles.
  19. Legion def MX2 for the title in a No DQ/No Countout Match
  20. ComPro Co-Comissioner Mike Iles stripped Legion of the titles and awarded them to Duke Swellington.
  21. Mike Iles introduces Heritage as Swellington's tag team championship partner.

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