Feb 21st 2018 02:59pm

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Card Results

WFC · Feb 03 2018 · Community Centre · Claremore

—VIP Matches—

Tommy Dean def. Colt Killbane (w/ Coach Doggins)

London Calling (Richie Adams & Dutch Hagen, w/ Richard Pierce) def. Space Age Heroes (Gemini Red & Gemini Blue)

Maddox Jones (w/ Stevie Caballero) def. Muy Macho

—The Fight For Zaelyn—

WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Riker def. Dimitri Alexandrov and Alex Royal in a Triple Threat Match

J. D. def. Steven Cruze

Double D (w/ Erica) def. Paul Puertorico

Luke Langley def. Fuel

WFC Tag Team Champions The B. F. F.s (Drake Gallows & Sam Stackhouse) def. The Villains (Wesley Crane & Skyler Fayden)

Tim Rockwell def. WFC Champion Mr. Nasty for the title

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Card Results


Card Results


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