Feb 21st 2018 03:01pm

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Card Results

UWE · Jan 27 2018 · Cherokee Nation Markoma Gym · Tahlequah

Anarchy [2nd] won the UWE Rumble, becoming the #1 contender to the UWE Title

Delta Delta Theta (Lance Osburn & Colt Killbane, w/ Coach Doggins) def. Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean)

Tim Rockwell def. Dusty Gold

Fuel def. Nathan Estrada

UWE Tag Team Champions Big Smooth & Zakk Sinizter def. Steven Cruze & Sam Stackhouse (w/ Chelsea Stackhouse)

UWE United States Champion Wesley Crane def. Matt Durden in a No DQ/No Countout/Anything Goes Match

Phoebe def. Alex Royal by DQ

Mr. Nasty def. UWE Champion Skyler Fayden by DQ

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Card Results


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