Feb 21st 2018 02:49pm

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Card Results

ComPro · Jan 06 2018 · Perfect Practice Athletic Center · Tulsa

Joe Cuedo def. Kirk Chalmers

Morrison def. Brock Baker

Kiefer Bartek def. Zac Taylor

Duke Swellington def. Cameron Cole

Psycho Sawyer def. Armin Syzlack

ComPro Tag Team Champions Nathan Estrada & Latrell Upton def. Team Super Academia (Kody Lane & Ethan Price) and Fly Death (Warren Johnson & Zack Mason) in a Triple Threat Match

Aaron Anders, ACH, Abyss and ComPro Heavyweight and ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Michael Wolf all competed In a 2-Fall/4-Way/Monsterís Ball Match for both titles. Anders won the ComPro Oklahoma X Division Title in the first fall and Abyss won the Heavyweight Title in the second fall.

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