Dec 14th 2017 03:02pm

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Card Results

WFC · Dec 02 2017 · Community Centre · Claremore

—VIP Matches—

J. D. def. Fuel in 3 separate matches

Draven def. Space Age (Gemini Blue & Aeronaut) in a Handicap Match

The Resistance (Skyler Fayden & Wesley Crane) def. Los Combatientes Machos (Macho & Muy Macho)

—The Fight for Daniel—

Jon Cross vs. Alex Royal (w/ Royal Security) was thrown out by WFC President Tim Rockwell

Dimitri Alexandrov def. Barrett Brown and Double D in a Triple Threat Match

Pierce International (Dutch Hagen & Richie Adams, w/ Richard Pierce & Skylar Slice) def. WFC Tag Team Champions The B.F.F.s (Drake Gallows & Sam Stackhouse) in a non-title match

Nikki Knight def. Erica

WFC Champion Mr. Nasty def. WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Riker for the title in a Title-vs-Title Match by Countout when Riker did not answer the 10 count after the opening bell in a match where the Countout and DQ Rules were waived. Nasty then issued an open challenge to the locker room.

WFC Heavyweight & Hometown Heroes Champion Mr. Nasty vs. J. D. ended in a No Contest

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Card Results


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Card Results


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  • Heavyweight Champion: Mr. Nasty
  • Tag Team Champions: B. F. F.s