Feb 22nd 2018 12:39pm

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WFC · Oct 28 2017 · VFW Hall · Claremore

J. D. def. Skyler Fayden in a Zombie Lumberjack Match

WFC Tag Team Champions The BFFs (Drake Gallows & Sam Stackhouse) def. Los Antagonistas (Malo y Muy Malo)

Alex Royal def. Christopher Dean

Mr. Durdenís Pandemonium Sideshow (Matt Durden, Draven, Gabriel & Sinister Skunk Ape) def. Space Age (Paul Puertorico, Gemini Red, Gemini Blue & Aeronaut) in a No DQ Match

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Barrett Brown def. Alex Royal

Steven Cruze def. Dusty Gold

WFC Champion Mr. Nasty def. Malico

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Card Results


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