Dec 15th 2017 11:19pm

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Card Results

IZW · Oct 07 2017 · The Impact Arena · Lawton

Randy Price def. IZW Tag Team Champion Damien Morte

Angel Camacho def. IZW Tag Team Champion Jermaine Johnson

IZW Impact Division Champion Dusty Gold def. Sebastian Envi and Talon Luck in a Triple Threat Match

Kevin Morgan & Skylar Slice def. Impact, Inc. (IZW Champion Double D & IZW Women’s Champion Erica) in a Mixed Tag Team Match

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Card Results


Current Champions

Mid South Wrestling Alliance


Mid-South Heavyweight Champion

  • Mid-South Tag Team Champion: The Omega
  • Oklahoma Champion: Drake Gallows
  • Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion: Gemini [2nd]
  • Ladies Champion: Erica