Dec 17th 2017 05:16pm

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Card Results

UWE · Sep 16 2017 · Cherokee County Community Building · Tahlequah

---Results from "Showdown VIII"---

Fuel def. Brandon Walker in a No DQ Match

Big Smooth & Zakk Sinizter def. Legion (Rob Cabella & Samedi), Space Age (Paul Puertorico & Aeronaut), Shawn Shields & Christopher Dean, Tyler Jett & Clint Cassidy and Steven Cruze & Sam Stackhouse (w/ Chelsea Stackhouse) in a Tag Team Turmoil Match for the vacant UWE Tag Team Title

UWE United States Champion Wesley Crane def. Matt Durden

The Black Flag Brigade (Brett Irons & Anarchy [2nd]) def. Delta Delta Theta (Lance Osburn & Colt Killbane)

Skyler Fayden def. Mr. Nasty and UWE Champion Riker in a Triple Threat Match for the title

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Card Results


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