Sep 19th 2017 10:45pm

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Card Results

WFC · Sep 09 2017 · Rose Bowl Event Center · Tulsa

--Facebook Live Press Conference Exclusive--

Alex Royal def. J. D. In an Empty Arena Match

--VIP Matches--

Lone Star, Inc. (Cody Burns & The Longhorn Outlaw) def. Los Combatientes Machos (Macho y Muy Macho)

Space Age Heroes (Paul Puertorico, Gemini Red, & Aeronaut) def. Mr. Durden's Pandemonium Sideshow (Matt Durden, Gabriel, & Draven, w/ Samedi) in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

--"The Fight For Brylee"--

Dimitri Alexandrov def. Dutch Hagen (w/ Richard Pierce)

WFC Tag Team Champion Wesley Crane def. Drake Gallows in 5:12 in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match

Steven Cruze def. Richie Adams

Sam Stackhouse was unable to pin WFC Tag Team Champion Skyler Fayden (w/ Shae Connelly) in under 5:12 in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match. This gave The Resistance the right to name the stipulation in the WFC Tag Team Title Match at the 6th Anniversary show in October

Alex Royal & WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Prince Mahalli def. J. D. & Riker (w/ The Sharks [Left Shark & Right Shark])

WFC Champion Mr. Nasty (w/ Striker) vs. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Barrett Brown (w/ Tim Rockwell) was declared a No-Contest

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Card Results


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