Jan 20th 2018 04:59am

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MSWA · Sep 03 2017 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion Gemini [2nd] (w/ Michael James) def. Prince Mahalli (w/ Mohammad burn Ham)

The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) def. Tyson Jaymes & Chaz Sharpe

Tristan Thorne def. MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champion Brock Landers

Dominator def. MSWA Oklahoma Champion Dean Lambert by DQ

Double D (w/ Erica) def. Cody Burns and MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champion Grizzly Gates in a Triple Threat Match

Colby Black def. Buster Cherry

MSWA Ladies Champion Phoebe def. Erica and Nikki Knight in a Triple Threat Match

Drake Gallows & Bad Boy def. Killer Cross & Xavior

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