Oct 17th 2017 10:31pm

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Card Results

MSWA · Aug 11 2017 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

Chaz Sharpe & MSWA Oklahoma Champion Dean Lambert def. The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders)

MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion Gemini [2nd] def. Skyler Fayden and Samedi in a Triple Threat Match

Buster Cherry vs. Nytronis A'Teo went to a Double Countout

MSWA Mid-South Champion C. J. Ward def. Sam Stackhouse (w/ Chelsea Stackhouse)

Drake Gallows def. Xavior by DQ

MSWA Ladies Champion Phoebe def. Skylar Slice, Nikki Knight and Laynie Luck in a Fatal 4-Way Match

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Card Results


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