Dec 17th 2017 05:22pm

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Card Results

BPPW · Jul 29 2017 · Body Progression Gym · Tulsa

Fuel def. Ray Martinez by DQ

Jeremy Pryger vs. Elijah Sparks went to a Double DQ

Legion (Rob Cabella & Shawn Shields) def. BPPW Tag Team Champions Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) for the title

Big Smooth won a Battle Royal, earning a title opportunity in the future

Brandon Groom def. Cody Burns for the vacant BPPW Oklahoma Title

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Card Results


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Current Champions

Mid South Wrestling Alliance


Ladies Champion

  • Mid-South Heavyweight Champion: Xavior
  • Mid-South Tag Team Champion: The Omega
  • Oklahoma Champion: Drake Gallows
  • Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion: Gemini [2nd]

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