Jan 20th 2018 04:48am

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Card Results

ComPro · Jul 15 2017 · Perfect Practice Athletic Center · Tulsa

Results from "Battle Lines - Simon Says":

Jack Gamble def. Gino

Psycho Sawyer def. Armin Syzlack

ComPro Tag Team Champions Excellence Personified (Duke Swellington & Dustin Heritage, w/ Mike Iles) def. Gavin Dixon & Stonewall Cole, Connor Crunk & Brock Baker, and Nathan Estrada & Kirk Chalmers in a 4-Way Elimination Match

Elvis Aliaga def. Dimitri Alexandrov and Zack Mason in a Triple Threat Match

Aaron Anders def. ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Michael Wolf for the title in a Ladder Match

ComPro Champion Brian Breaker def. Simon Grimm

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Card Results


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