Sep 19th 2017 10:09am

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Card Results

WFC · Jul 08 2017 · Community Centre · Claremore

--VIP Matches--

Steven Cruze def. Jonah Turk

Mr. Durden's Pandemonium Sideshow (Matt Durden & Draven) def. Aeronaut & Gemini [2nd]

--The Fight For Jasmine--

WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Prince Mahalli def. Paul Puertorico

Alex Royal vs. J. D. Was declared a No-Contest

The Resistance (Skyler Fayden & Wesley Crane, w/ Shae Connelly) def. The BFFs (Sam Stackhouse & Drake Gallows) and WFC Tag Team Champions Lone Star, Inc. (Cody Burns & Trey Cole) in a Triple Threat Match for the titles

Richie Adams def. Dutch Hagen

Mr. Nasty won the Rumble For A Cause, winning the WFC Championship

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Card Results


Card Results


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United Wrestling Entertainment

Skyler Fayden

Heavyweight Champion
Skyler Fayden

  • United States Champion: Wesley Crane