Nov 22nd 2017 05:08am

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Card Results

BPPW · Jun 30 2017 · Body Progression Gym · Sapulpa

Alex Royal def. Seth Angel

Ray Martinez won a Battle Royal

Lockdown def. The Canadian Red Devil

Legion (Rob Cabella, Shawn Shields & Samedi, w/ Chelsea) def. Sam Stackhouse in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match

Spyder def. Bill Black (w/ The Black Widow [2nd])

Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) def. BPPW Oklahoma Tag Team Champions The Rising (Matt Durden & Riker) for the titles in a match where the DQ Rule was waived

Mr. Nasty (w/ D'Licious, Glama, & Rachel Starz) def. BPPW Oklahoma Champion Cody Burns for the title. Sam Stackhouse then cashed in his Any Time/Any Title Contract

Sam Stackhouse def. BPPW Oklahoma Champion Mr. Nasty for the title

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