Sep 25th 2017 08:49pm

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Card Results

MSWA · Jun 25 2017 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

MSWA Mid-South Champion Prince Mahalli (w/ Mohammad burn Ham) def. Colby Black

Paradox def. Xavior by DQ

ASP Champion Drake Gallows def. Tristan Thorne

Phoebe def. Erica by DQ

The Cub Scouts (Grizzly Gates & Brock Landers) def. The Cursed (Blade [2nd] & Kuda) and The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Title

O'Brien def. Chuck Singer, earning the right to face Buff Bagwell on July 28th

Kareem Sadat def. Tyson Jaymes

Double D def. Eric Darkstorm, earning the right to face MVP on July 28

MSWA Oklahoma Champion Father Padge def. Dean Lambert in a Casket Match

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Card Results


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  • Mid-South Heavyweight Champion: Xavior
  • Mid-South Tag Team Champion: The Omega
  • Oklahoma Champion: Dean Lambert
  • Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion: Gemini [2nd]
  • Ladies Champion: Phoebe