Nov 21st 2017 01:16pm

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Card Results

WFC · Jun 17 2017 · New Beginnings Community Church · Tulsa

--VIP Matches--

Colt Killbane (w/ Coach Doggins) def. Dimitri Alexandrov and Wesley Crane in a Triple Threat Match, earning the right to enter #30 in the Rumble For A Cause

WFC Tag Team Champion Lone Star, Inc. (Cody Burns & The Longhorn Outlaw) def. Drake Gallows & Sam Stackhouse

--Results from the 2017 Ryder Herring Memorial Cup Tournament--

Quarter Finals:

J. D. def. Fuel
Steven Cruze def. Mr. Nasty
Skyler Fayden (w/ Shae Connelly) def. Nathan Estrada
Riker def. Brandon Walker


J. D. def. Steven Cruze
Riker def. Skyler Fayden (w/ Shae Connelly)


Riker def. J. D to win the tournament

In non-tournament matches:

Prince Mahalli def. WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Paul Puertorico for the title

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Card Results


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