Jul 26th 2017 01:27am

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Card Results

WFC · May 06 2017 · Leforce Fieldhouse Gym · Bristow

--VIP matches--

Richie Adams def. Steven Cruze

Wesley Crane & Aeronaut def. The Rebellion (Maddox Jones & Dean Lambert)

--"May the Fight Be With You - The Karson Hogan Benefit Show"--

Lone Star, Inc. (Cody Burns, Trey Cole & The Longhorn Outlaw) def. WFC Tag Team Champions Simply the Future (J. D. & Alex) for the titles in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match

Dimitri Alexandrov def. Colt Killbane (w/ Coach Doggins), earning himself a spot back on the WFC roster

Riker def. Matt Durden in a Street Fight

Mr. Nasty def. Skyler Fayden (w/ Shae Connelly)

WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Paul Puertorico def. Jason Kincaid

WFC Champion Tim Rockwell def. J. D. In a No DQ/No Countout Match

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Card Results


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Card Results