May 27th 2017 06:51am

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Card Results

ComPro · Apr 29 2017 · Perfect Practice Athletic Center · Tulsa

Nathan Estrada (w/ Skylar Slice) def. Damon Windsor

Gavin Dixon & Steven Cruze def. Psycho Sawyer & Morrison

ComPro Tag Team Champion Duke Swellington (w/ Mike Iles) def. Jack Gamble

ComPro Champion Brian Breaker def. ComPro Tag Team Champion Dustin Heritage (w/ Mike Iles)

Elvis Aliaga def. Mascara Purpura

Aaron Anders def. Michael Wolf in the final match of the ComPro Oklahoma X Division Title Tournament for the vacant title

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Card Results


Card Results


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  • Heavyweight Champion: Brian Breaker
  • Ladies Champion: Nikki Knight

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