Jul 26th 2017 01:28am

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MSWA · Apr 21 2017 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

Blade [2nd] & Kuda def. MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) for the title

Nytronis A'Teo def. Mr. Barnes

Dean Lambert def. Tyson Jaymes, Grizzly Gates, Rick Russo, Kareem Sadat and Buster Cherry in a 6-pack Challenge, earning an opportunity at the MSWA Oklahoma Title

GWF2016 Tag Team Champions The Villains (Villain Rockwell & Villain Royal) def. Paul Puertorico & Aeronaut

Gemini [2nd] def. Paradox

MSWA Mid-South Champion Prince Mahalli (w/ Mohammad burn Ham) def. Mr. Discipline

Drake Gallows def. Colby Black

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Card Results


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