Nov 18th 2017 02:15am

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Card Results

WFC · Apr 15 2017 · Rose Bowl Event Center · Tulsa

--VIP matches--

Maddox Jones def. Aaron Anders

EGO (Barrett Brown & Brandon Walker) def. Richie Adams & Muy Macho

--Hometown Heroes 4: The Fight For Caleb--

Nathan Estrada def. Duke Swellington

WFC Tag Team Champions Simply The Future (J. D. & Alex) def. Lone Star, Inc. (Cody Burns & Trey Cole) by DQ

WFC Champion Tim Rockwell def. Riker

Tag Team Champion J. D. def. Matt Durden and Mr. Nasty in a Triple Threat Match to become #1 contender to the WFC Title

WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Paul Puertorico def. Americos

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Bernard Funk and Renegade are former tag team champions, but have not held a title together as a team in an Oklahoma based fed.




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