May 29th 2017 10:46pm

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Card Results

BPPW · Apr 14 2017 · Body Progression Gym · Sapulpa

El Greengo Loco, Riker & Fuel def. Lockdown, Colt Killbane & Ray Martinez (w/ Fearless Krissy)

Kenneth Cain def. Karnage

BPPW Oklahoma Tag Team Champions Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) def. The Resistance (Wesley Crane & Skyler Fayden) and Shawn Shields & Talon Luck (w/ Chelsea Stackhouse) in a Triple Threat Match

Sam Stackhouse (w/ Chelsea Stackhouse) def. Cody Burns by DQ

Lance Osburn def. Mr. Nasty (w/ D'Licious)

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Card Results


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