Apr 25th 2017 07:13pm

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Card Results

BCW · Apr 08 2017 · Logan County Fairgrounds · Guthrie

In semi-final matches to determine the first BCW Tag Team Champions:

Brock Landers & Father Padge (w/ Cardinal Sin) def. C. J. Ward & Reggie Lincoln
Terry Pantera & Tyck the American Outlaw def. Cody Burns & Crusher Casas

Brock Landers & Father Padge (w/ Cardinal Sin) faced Terry Pantera & Tyck the American Outlaw in the finals in a 2-Fall match where the first two men to score a pinfall would be declared the champion. Padge def. Tyck & Pantera def. Brock, making Padge & Pantera the champions.

In non-tournament matches:

BCW Buzzsaw Champion Drake Gallows def. Prince Mahalli in a Lumberjack Match

BCW Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat def. Rick Russo

Samantha Starr & Erica def. Skylar Slice & Nikki Knight

Dustin Bozworth (w/ Boss Hardzog) def. Seth Angel

Gavin Dixon def. Paul Puertorico, Tim Rockwell, Nathan Estrada and Aeronaut in a Fatal 5-Way Match

BCW Champion Mikey (w/ Fred) def. Double D (w/ Erica)

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Card Results


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