May 29th 2017 10:47pm

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Card Results

IWR · Mar 25 2017 · Lone Grove Middle School · Lone Grove

IWR Revolutionary Title Gauntlet
Fuego del Sol def. Orion Taylor
Fuego del Sol def. Ultra Phoenix
Fuego del Sol def. Marce Lewis
Fuego del Sol def. Guy Atticus to win the vacant IWR Revolutionary Title

The Omega (O'Brien & O'Malley) def. Ryker in a Handicap Tag match

Cody Dickson def. Montego Seeka

Desi Derata def. Isabella Garcia

Chandler Hopkins def. Malico w/N-Zane

Chris Cambridge def. Ray the Bae

IWR Champion Jerry Bostic def. IWR Tag Team Champion Ky-Ote by countout

Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett .vs. IWR Tag Team Champion Kyle Hawk went to a "No Decision" due to interference from Ky-Ote then an impromptu tag team match occurred

IWR Tag Team Champions The Arrow Club (Kyle Hawk & Ky-Ote w/Desi Derata) def Mike Bennett & IWR Champion Jerry Bostic w/Maria-Kanellis-Bennett

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Card Results


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