Sep 22nd 2017 08:52pm

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Card Results

WFC · Mar 04 2017 · New Beginnings Community Church · Tulsa

--VIP Matches--

The Rebellion (Dean Lambert & Maddox Jones) def. Muy Macho & Aeronaut

Americos def. Dutch Hagen

--"March with Us - The Fight For Luna"--

Drake Gallows def. Prince Mahalli

Lone Star, Inc. (Trey Cole & Cody Burns) def. The Cool Hair Crew (Gavin Dixon & Nathan Estrada)

Paul Puertorico def. WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Aaron Anders for the title

WFC Champion Tim Rockwell def. Richie Adams

Matt Durden, Steven Cruze, Dusty Gold, Mr. Nasty, & WFC Tag Team Champion J. D def. EGO (Brandon Walker & Barrett Brown), Drake Gallows, Riker, & WFC Tag Team Champion Alex in an Elimination Tag Team Match. Durden, J. D. & Nasty were the final survivors and will face each other in a Triple Threat Match on April 15th to earn an opportunity at the WFC Title.

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Card Results


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