Feb 19th 2018 01:37am

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Card Results

MSWA · Feb 24 2017 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

--Results from My Bloody Valentine 3--

Korvin Sage def. Prince Mahalli and MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion Xavior in a Triple Threat Match, winning the Best-of-7 Series for the match. In this match, the winner was the first wrestler to score 2 falls.

BCW Champion Mikey [2nd] def. Reggie Lincoln

MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Shawn Sanders & Chaz Sharpe) def. The Lynch Mob (Tyson Jaymes & Will Chambers)

MSWA Oklahoma Champion Father Padge def. Psycho Mike

The Omega (O'Malley & O'Brien) def. Grizzly Gates & Brock Landers

Drake Gallows def. Dean Lambert in a First Blood Match

Prince Mahalli (w/ C. M. Burnham) def. C. J. Ward and MSWA Mid-South Champion Buster Cherry in a Triple Threat Match for the title

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Card Results


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