Aug 19th 2017 07:17pm

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Card Results

WFC · Feb 04 2017 · New Beginnings Community Church · Tulsa

VIP Matches:

Dutch Hagen def. Dusty Gold

WFC Tag Team Champions Simply The Future (J. D. & Alex) def. Fuze (Fuel & Steven Cruze)

"Love At First Fight - The Fight For Caleb":

Lone Star, Inc. (Trey Cole, Cody Burns, & The Longhorn Outlaw, w/ Bernard Funk) won a Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the #1 contenders to the WFC Tag Team Titles

Brian Breaker def. Matt Durden

Aaron Anders def. WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Paul Puertorico for the title

Americos def. Jack Jameson

Tim Rockwell def. Mr. Nasty for the vacant WFC Title

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Card Results


Card Results


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