Mar 26th 2017 05:43pm

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Card Results

MSWA · Jan 27 2017 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

Brock Landers (w/ Brandon Barricade) def. C. J. Ward

The Canadian Red Devil def. Prince Mahalli

Nytronis A'Teo def. Lockdown

MSWA Mid-South Champion Buster Cherry def. Scott Sanders

Korvin Sage def. Mascara La Parka and MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion Xavior in the 5th match of a Best-of-7/Triple Threat/Sudden Death Series

The Lynch Mob (Tyson Jaymes & Will Chambers) def. MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions The Urban Misfits (Drake Gallows & Dean Lambert) for the titles

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Card Results


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