Mar 26th 2017 05:44pm

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Card Results

ComPro · Dec 31 2016 · Perfect Practice Athletic Center · Tulsa

Graham Bell def. Justin Dynamic (w/ John Pfanz)

Gavin Dixon def. Terry Montana

ComPro Showtime Champion Mr. Chale (w/ Richard Pierce & ComPro Ladies Champion Skylar Slice) def. Steven Cruze, Giganto and Adrian Dell in a 4-Way Scramble Match

Chris Morrison def. Matt Durden

Seth Angel def. Duke Swellington

ComPro Ladies Champion Skylar Slice (w/ Richard Pierce) def. Killista

Legion (Rob Cabella & Samedi) def. ComPro Tag Team Champions MX2 (Zak Mason & Dan Maestro) in a No DQ/ No Countout Match for the title

Nathan Estrada def. ComPro Champion The Canadian Red Devil (w/ Richard Pierce) for the title. As a result of a pre-match stipulation, Devil was not resigned to a contract with ComPro.

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Card Results


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