May 27th 2017 06:55am

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Card Results

MSWA · Dec 30 2016 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

Brock Landers (w/ Brandon Barricade) vs. MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champion Drake Gallows went to a Draw

Christian Temple def. Spyder (w/ Anna Jackson), Cody Burns, Chris Morrison and Nathan Estrada in a Fatal 5-Way Match

Nytronis A'Teo def. Dominator

The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Scott Sanders, Shawn Sanders & Chaz Sharpe) def. Bad Boy, Rick Russo & Kevin Morgan. Bad Boy then ordered an impromptu singles match between Morgan and Scott.

Kevin Morgan def. Scott Sanders

MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion Xavior def. Korvin Sage and C. J. Ward in the 4th of a Best-of-7/Sudden Death/Triple Threat Series

Killista def. Skylar Slice and MSWA Ladies Champion Nikki Knight in a Triple Threat Match for the title

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