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Xtreme Underground Wrestling

Nov 10 2013 · The Underground Arena · Oklahoma City

In a One-Night Tournament to crown the 1st XUW King of Hardcore:

Brock Landers & Crossfire Morrison were the final 2 men in a Battle Royal and earned the right to face each other in a Quarter-Final Tournament Match

Quarter Finals:

Brock Landers def. Crossfire Morrison
Buster Cherry (w/ Brandon Barricade) def. Kevin James Sanchez (w/ Korttni Sanchez & Kareem Sadat, Jr.)
Kareem Sadat (w/ Korttni Sanchez & Kareem Sadat, Jr.) def. Rick Russo (w/ Brandon Barricade)
Drake Gallows def. Bobby Starr


Kareem Sadat (w/ Kareem Sadat, Jr.) def. Brock Landers
Buster Cherry def. Drake Gallows


Neither Kareem Sadat nor Buster Cherry could answer a 10-Count in their match. XUW Commissioner The Roc-N-Roll Cowboy ordered that a rematch occur on December 8.

Feb 03 2007 · The Underground Arena · Oklahoma City

Tommy Smash def. James Warbois

Glen Steel def. Outlaw

Luscious Larry def. E-Bone

P.I.N.K. Nation (Beau Dalton & Luc Lapointe) def. Trailer Park Trash (J. C. & K. C. w/ Jessi Jersey) by DQ

3rd Rail def. Cody Jones & Shane Rawls in a Handicap Match

AACW Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat def. Kevin James

Luscious Larry won a Gauntlet Battle Royal to become the # 1 contender for the XUW Title

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