Nov 21st 2017 03:10pm

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Card Results

Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling

Feb 25 2011 · County Fairground Building · Sawyer

David Silver def. El Gringo Nasty

White Flash def. Chris Courage

Young Cullough Defeats Rexx Dover and XMW Xplosion Champion The King of Agony in a Triple Threat Match for the title

XMW Tag Team Champions X-RO and Dark Clown def. Rad Randy and B-Real Skills.

XMW Suicide Champion Nafarious def. Justin Toxicated.

The main event went no contest as XMW No Limit Champion Kidd Riggs vs. XMW FTW Champion Royce G vs. XMW Universal Champion Gene Valdez went to a No-Contest in a Three Stages Of Hell Match

Feb 19 2011 · County Fairgrounds · Sawyer

Chris Courage def. El Gringo Nasty

Young Cullough def. Rexx Dover

King of Agony def. Joey Wise Guy

X-RO & Dark Clown def. B-Real Skills & Rad Randy by Countout to become the #1 contenders to the XMW Tag Team Titles.

Nafaraious def. XMW Suicide Champion Justin Toxicated for the title

XMW Universal Champion Gene Valdez def. Kidd Riggs

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