Feb 26th 2017 03:57am

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Card Results

Wrestling With God

May 13 2006 · Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club · Tulsa

Brandon Groom (w/ Summer Rain) def. Tommy Smash (w/ Lily McKenzie)

Cade Sydal def. Luc Lapointe and Diablo 67 in a Handicap Match

Timmy J def. Anthony Jackson

Bobby Dalton def. Bobby Burns

Tyler Bateman def. Shane Morbid

X-Cal def. Seth Allen

Dirty Harry Sanchez def. Mitch Carter

Kenny Campbell & Big Daddy Moore def. Jack Legacy & Bernard Funk

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Wrestling For a Cause

Tim Rockwell

Heavyweight Champion
Tim Rockwell

  • Hometown Heroes Champion: Aaron Anders
  • Tag Team Champions: Simply the Future

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