Aug 19th 2017 07:10pm

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World League Wrestling

Apr 08 2011 · Clyde Boyd Middle School Gym · Sand Springs

Ryan Drago def. Jack Gamble

Mark Sterling def. Jeff Strong

Lucy Mendez def. Stacy O'Brien, taking the lead in their Best-of-7 Series, 2-1.

WLW Tag Team Champions Ethan Wright & The Cancun Kid def. Excellence Personified (Michael Barry & Dustin Heritage, w/ Mike Iles)

Brian Breaker def. Jason Jones 2nd

Apr 12 2003 · ??? · Claremore

Wade Chism def. Josh Besore and Marc Godecker in an Triple Threat Elimination Match

Brandon Groom def. Big Daddy Moore

WLW Women’s Champion Wonderful Wendy def. Miss Natural

Buff Bagwell def. Superstar Steve

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) def. Trevor Rhodes & Jason Bates

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Kevin Morgan

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