Dec 14th 2017 03:01pm

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Card Results

Texoma Pride Wrestling

Nov 04 2011 · Boys & Girls Club · McAlester

"Robby 'Striker' Baker Benefit Show" Results:

Dustin Daniels (w/ Erica) def. Kenny Campbell

Midnite Rider def. Se7en (w/ Mike Iles)

Rage Logan def. Montego Seeka

John O'Malley def. Angel Williams

Impact, Inc. (Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson, & Aaron Neil) def. The Future Hall of Famers (Brad Michaels, Bernie D, & Dane Griffin)

Richard Bedford def. Gary Tool

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Current Champions

Buzzsaw Championship Wrestling

Team Holy Hell

Tag Team Champions
Team Holy Hell

  • Heavyweight Champion: Mikey [2nd]
  • Buzzsaw Champion: Drake Gallows
  • Independent Hardcore Champion: Kareem Sadat