Sep 19th 2017 10:48pm

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Tap Out Pro Wrestling

Aug 14 2009 · Chuck West Field House · Bristow

Eric Rose def. Johnny Z

TOPW Tag Team Champions The Texas Outlaws (Bobby Burns & J. W. Hardin) def. Dawn of Extreme (Ty Thunder & Crucifer). Immediately afterwards, the Outlaws announced that they would have Texas, Inc. defend the belts against DOX in a rematch.

Texas, Inc. (Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk) def. Dawn of Extreme (Ty Thunder & Crucifer)

Blake Albright def. Jack Legacy (w/ Mike Iles)

Dexter Hardaway def. Michael York and Bernie D in a Triple Threat Match

TOPW Champion Brandon Groom vs. Michael Barry (w/ Mike Iles) went to a No-Contest due to outside interference. Barry challenged Groom for an immediate rematch and it was granted.

TOPW Champion Brandon Groom def. Michael Barry (w/ Mike Iles)

Jun 26 2009 · Chuck West Fieldhouse · Bristow

Tyson Armstrong def. Brett Taylor by Knockout

Eric Rose def. Justin Lee and Dexter Hardaway (w/ Talon) in a Three Way Dance by Submission when Hardaway tapped out

Lil G & Crucifer def. Ray Martinez & Jesus Rodriguez

Michael Barry (w/ Mike Iles) and Blake Albright (w/ Mike Iles) were co-winners of the Gauntlet Battle Royal to be name co-number 1 contenders to the TOPW Oklahoma Title.

Brandon Groom defeated TOPW Oklahoma Champion The Handsome Spoiler for the title

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