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Card Results

The Country's Best Wrestling

Aug 22 2009 · Heritage Hall · Ardmore

Jerry Bostic def. Mumma

Eric Rose def. Les Mayne

Spoiler 2000 def. Al Farat (w/ Skandar Akbar)

Mo-Dizzle def. TCBW Hardcore Champion Kunna Keyoh for the title

Thug Nasty def. TCBW Champion Wage for the title

Aug 08 2009 · Davis High School · Davis

Jerry Bostic def. El Culo Intruso

Wage def. J. D. Striker

Kunna Keyoh def. Mo-Dizzle to become the inaugural TCBW Hardcore Champion

Revolution (Seth Allen & Dane Griffin) def. Aerial Assault (Montego Seeka & Ky-ote Joe)

Wage won a Battle Royal to become the TCBW Champion

Jan 03 2009 · ??? · Davis

Javi Hernandez def. Striker

Max McGuirk def. El Culo Intruso

Revolution (Seth Allen & Dane Griffin) def. Scotty Seifried & Montego Seeka

Native Express (Kunna Keyoh & Ky-Ote Joe) def. TCBW Tag Team Champions High Society (Al Farat & Thomas Trump) by DQ

Thug Nasty def. TBCW Champion Michael Faith by DQ

Nov 08 2008 · Davis High School · Davis

Kunna Keyoh def Scotty Seifried by DQ

Javi Hernandez def Shane Rawls

Menace 2 Society def El Culo Intruso

Max McGuirk vs Eric Rose went to a Time Limit Draw

Thug Nasty def Jerry Bostic in a Streetfight

2AM (Javi Hernandez & Kuna Keeyoh) def. Shane Rawls & Scotty Seifried to become the #1 contenders to the TCBW Dual Kombat Titles

TCBW Champion Michael Faith def Dane Griffin

Thug Nasty won a Battle Royal to become the #1 contender to the TCBW Title

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